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The annual recital is the opportunity for a student to showcase their talents and accomplishments. Students performing also acquire self-confidence and poise. Participation is an important part of every student’s training, but not mandatory. The recital will be held in June. Performances require the use of professionally made costumes. Please note that costumes may require minimal alterations. Costume Price is $65 per costume. Payment is due by October 15. Please note: Costume prices DO NOT include tights and shoes. Costume payments are non-refundable once costumes are ordered. Each subject will have its own routine and costume with the exception of the combo classes. Once routines start, good attendance is mandatory for participation in the recital. At the Recital there is to be NO VIDEO TAPING OR FLASH PICTURES. The studio does hire a professional video company to tape the performance and a professional photographer comes to the studio to take pictures by appointment.

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